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Lovely read, and lovely music too, of course!!!

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Email from Mathew Thomas:

Hi Sreekumar,

I have a bit of a tin ear when it comes to music, but apropos orchestra

and flash mob, I came across this a long time and saved it and return to

it occasionally.


Some years ago, I read about a singer(Hachalu Hundessa) being

assassinated in Ethiopia and discovered this:


The song is superficially a love song, but loaded with political

subtext. The song is at the intersection of music and war in Ethiopia.

The Oromos (to which tribe Hachalu Hundessa belongs) were a relatively

oppressed by people by people from the northern district(Tigray) who

dominated Ethiopia politics. Hachalu raised huge amounts of money for

the Oromos and it led to Abiy Ahmed (of the Oromo Democratic Party)

becoming the Prime Minister of Ethiopia. Abiy signed a peace deal with

Eritria, which got him a Nobel Price. But then he turned abound and

started (opinions differ on who is responsible) the ongoing civil war

with Tigray.

Finland's most popular song:


And now for something totally different:


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