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After over three decades of working as a central banker, bank regulator, and supervisor, I will be writing on related subjects. I will also be writing on places, people, politics, history, music, cinema, food, and whatever interests me.

Substack is a subscription site and only subscribers can view the contents. Subscription can be either free or paid. All present subscribers will continue to be free. I might consider starting a paid category for future subscribers as they open up more publishing features.

Upcoming posts

These are some of the topics that I am working on. They are in different stages, from conception to early drafts. I hope to publish them in the near future:

  1. Montagu Norman (almost there, but on the backburner)

  2. The Archegos Case (started but stuck as other interests gain ground)

  3. The Chamberlain Commission (hopefully soon)

  4. Sir Benegal Rama Rau (on my mind)

  5. Dr John Matthai (scarce material)

  6. Burra Venkatappiah (elusive sources)

  7. Seven Samurai (of eternal interest, so can wait)

  8. Pandit Bhimsen Joshi (for March, now July/August)

  9. Banking licence for corporates (hopefully soon)

  10. Moplah Riots of 1921 (I missed the century, won’t wait for another)

  11. Abhijit Banerjee’s Cooking to Save Your Life (not soon)

  12. Sri Lanka (not likely soon)

  13. From Dhaka to Vadodara (August)

  14. Sir Osborne Arkell Smith (August/September)

  15. In conversation with Rama Varma (August/September?)

  16. The basic structure doctrine (soon)

  17. The greatest match of the century (soon)

  18. Lessons for supervision from some recent cases (soon)

  19. What lies ahead for the CPM in Kerala (soon)

  20. What is the opposition doing wrong against Modi (soon)

Who are there?

I initially added around 125 subscribers. Barring two, recommended by friends, others were known to me. Around 20% had an association with the Reserve Bank of India, my previous employer. Only one is a serving official. Other financial regulators, homemakers, bankers, journalists, educationists, diplomats, civil servants, space engineers, entrepreneurs, architects, doctors, chartered accountants, economists, writers, and musicians made up the rest.

If there are so far no politicians, lawyers, religious leaders, psychiatrists, or sportsmen on the list, the omission is not deliberate. I hardly know anyone or needed to know anyone of them, or knew them well enough to have their contacts. This probably means that I have always been of sound mind, and been on the right side of the law and God.

At the time of writing this, the oldest subscriber is around 90. The youngest is in his mid-30s. Around 10% share my mother tongue. Two are relatives.

The subscription is open and free, as of now.

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